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DJ Main Event, is a renowned DJ, Producer, and Radio Mixer based in Baltimore, Maryland. A successful entrepreneur with a love for music, Main Event is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of hometown-based Team of M.E. Entertainment, LLC; an event and entertainment company that specializes in providing full-scale entertainment services for all events including parties, clubs, weddings, private, and corporate events.

DJ Main Event’s range of experience spans a ten year period that is highlighted by the revitalization of the Baltimore Club Scene through DJ’ing and production including his acclaimed, self-produced mixtape of Baltimore Club-based remixes “Baltimore Club for Dummies.” Like many great DJ’s of the past, Main Event got his humble beginning in 1999 after receiving a set of turntables from his father. Self-taught, and self-motivated, Main Event began DJ’ing house parties in the Baltimore area in 2003 after years of studying and honing his unique set of mixing abilities.

After graduating high school, DJ Main Event expanded his career by becoming the Official Campus DJ for Shaw University where he was introduced to radio as an on-air mixer for WSHA 88.9 FM. Motivated by his success and ability to move crowds at Shaw University, Main Event perfected his craft, and the art of crowd control, by releasing a series of mixtapes and breaking into the Baltimore club scene which would lead to professional radio mixing experience with Sirius XM Satellite Radio (2008), Multicultural Radio Broadcasting, Inc. (2014), and Fast Money Radio (2015).

With increasing success, DJ Main Event took a leap of faith and started his own independent entertainment company, Team of M.E. Entertainment, LLC. Since, his accolades include DJ’ing parties for Beyonce’s internationally-known background singers “The Mama’s” and corporate clients including England-based Degy Entertainment, and KTX Fitness while simultaneously breaking into the DC Club Market including the well-known Ibiza Nightclub.

His multitude of experience also includes a magnanimous amount of weddings, bar mitzvahs, private events, and charitable causes including serving as the official DJ for “We Can-Cer Survive” in 2017. Priding himself on creating memorable experiences, DJ Main Event brings extensive knowledge on event management and coordination while performing with unmatched energy corroborated by impeccable professionalism. For booking please email


DJ Main Event Presents: F**K Errrbody


DJ Main Event; Iamdjmainevent; DJ MainEvent

Another year around the sun and DJ Main Event drops another banger! To purchase, click here!

DJ Main Event Presents: T-Shirt & Panties


T-Shirt & Panties; Adina Howard; DJ Main Event

90's R&B classic, 'T-Shirt & Panties' by Adina Howard receives the DJ Main Event remix treatment.

DJ Main Event Presents: Scorpio SZN


DJ Main Event; Scorpio SZN; DJ MainEvent; IAmDjMainEvent; Scorpio

It's officially Scorpio Season (and my birthday) so I decided to drop this for all the Scorpios. Happy birthday!!!! #WeTheBest

To purchase:

DJ Main Presents: Baltimore Club Music For Dummies Live Stream 4.30.21


DJ Main Event; DJ MainEvent; IAmDjMainEvent

Baltimore Club Music For Dummies Live Stream (4.30.21) features new music from DJ Main Event, DJ Benny Stixx, DJ Booman and classics from Rod Lee, DJ Class, DJ Scottie B and more. 

Tracks produced by DJ Main Event: 

"Got Soca Remix" (00:10)*

"Shots Fired" (11:13)

"You Used To Hold Me" (17:46)*

"Weak Jealous Mutha Fucka Instrumental" (19:59)

"X Is Coming" (24:30)*

"Happy Birthday Instrumental" (35:08)

"Happy Birthday" (36:00)

"Eat That (Nasty Pussy)" (42:12)

"The Beat Goes On" (49:23)*

*Denotes an unreleased track

DJ Main Event Presents: Eat That (Nasty Pussy)


DJ Main Event; DJ MainEvent; IAmDjMainEvent;

PSA: If you truly love your woman, forget about the diamonds. Forget the pearls. 

Just... eat.... that.... pussy 😝

DJ Main Event Presents: Weak Jealous Mutha Fucka

DJ Main Event; DJ MainEvent; IAmDjMainEvent
We all have haters in our lives and this track is dedicated to them! To purchase click here.


DJ Main Event was a wonderful addition to our mother's retirement party. The music was age appropriate while still giving guests the opportunity to dance and have a fun filled evening. Music sets a mood and DJ Main Event kept the crowd moving and dancing all night! The arrival, set up and clean up of the equipment was prompt and swift. Would definitely recommend him for any event! And will keep him in mind for future events!

Moni B.

I have had DJ Main Event at several events I have given for different age groups and this young man was on point. I would recommend this young man to anyone who would need a DJ.

Kevin J.

You guys killed it that night. It takes a lot to get me out on the dance floor and you nailed it. Never had more fun at a party. I figure if I'm gonna spend a ridiculous amount of money on a party for a 13 year old I better get someone who'll get my shy butt onto the dance floor.

Erick C.

DJ MAIN EVENT never disappoints and we have you on your feet the entire night!

Jamel P.

DJ Main Event is a master of the turn tables! His intricate knowledge of music spanning from the 70's, 80's, 90's and on to current is unparalleled! In addition to his skill, Main Event is also on-time, responsible and reliable. He's a professional DJ!

MC Chad Ricardo

DJ Main Event
Baltimore, Maryland

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