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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

DJ Main Presents: Baltimore Club Music For Dummies Live Stream 4.30.21


DJ Main Event; DJ MainEvent; IAmDjMainEvent

Baltimore Club Music For Dummies Live Stream (4.30.21) features new music from DJ Main Event, DJ Benny Stixx, DJ Booman and classics from Rod Lee, DJ Class, DJ Scottie B and more. 

Tracks produced by DJ Main Event: 

"Got Soca Remix" (00:10)*

"Shots Fired" (11:13)

"You Used To Hold Me" (17:46)*

"Weak Jealous Mutha Fucka Instrumental" (19:59)

"X Is Coming" (24:30)*

"Happy Birthday Instrumental" (35:08)

"Happy Birthday" (36:00)

"Eat That (Nasty Pussy)" (42:12)

"The Beat Goes On" (49:23)*

*Denotes an unreleased track

DJ Main Event is the owner and operator of Team of M.E. Entertainment, LLC. A professional DJ and blogger.


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